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The EasyGrow PPM controller is a revolution in controlling high-performance GROW LIGHT LEDs.

Get the most out of your lights.
▶ Great solution for large growing facilities and commercial projects.

With the PPM driver, you get these features:

1. Control up to 55 EasyGrow lights at once with a single PPM controller.

2. Change the power of the lights using the controller

3. Set up to 8 time intervals to turn the lights on and off within 24 hours.

4. It can simulate sunrise and sunset, which will reduce electricity consumption and increase yields.

5. You can also change the values ​​remotely using the PPM controller driver.

6. Can also be connected to temperature probes.

The controller can only be used for PRO Series lights!

EasyGrow S800 PRO                                       EasyGrow S1200 PRO

Can also be individually connected to the V1 or V2 Series models (just for orders of 8 or more lights).

PPM installation:

PRO series lights are already ready for connecting this controller in the basic version, so you can buy it at any time during cultivation.
Just connect the controller and light using cables, which come together with the controller. The overall installation is very simple and no tools are needed.

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